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To some traders, Price Breakout Patterns strategy is relatively not known. Amazingly the study of this patterns are one of the first course in many trading course in investment banking sector. The origin of these patterns are not quite clear. However, as a developer of this Price Breakout Pattern Scanner, I found that often similarity between those Elliott wave patterns and these Price Breakout Patterns. For example, ending diagonal pattern in Elliott wave looks very similar to rising wedge and falling wedge of the price breakout patterns. The main difference between Elliott wave and Price breakout pattern is that Elliott wave explicitly uses wave counting rules whereas Price breakout pattern does not care too much about the troublesome wave counting rules. In my understanding the success rate is very similar between Elliott wave and Price Breakout Patterns. In comparison to Harmonic Pattern trading, price breakout patterns are more complementary than competing. Therefore, often highly accurate prediction can be made when two strategy double confirms easy other. In general, price Breakout Pattern Strategy is very dynamic strategy with very good reward to risk ratio like Harmonic Pattern trading. We recommend this type of trading strategy to many traders.   

Success of Price breakout patterns are quite often determined by volatility in the market. Therefore, it is often important to read some volatility indicators along with price breakout patterns. Some of our customers recommend to use on balance volume indicator as the supplementary. Oscillator like RSI or CCI or volume zone oscillator can give you direction of potential market reaction. 

Yes, just set Text Size for Trade Instruction = 0, then you won't see any more trade instruction.


Yes, there are two options currently.

Firstly you can set email notification option. The detailed instruction on how to set email with your Meta Trader terminal is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/80

Secondly, you can set push notification to your mobile terminal. The detailed instruction on how to set up is here: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/476

Text size on button can be controlled. Just change text size for button to smaller value than default setting 12.


Yes, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner also enable you to step backward through your historical price and tell you what will be the best trading set up to go with each price breakout pattern. This is very important feature of all our software because we want traders to have a complete view about their trading strategy before they use them in their live trading. As long as you know your success rate and risk reward ratio, you will be protected well from anomaly market movement. Studying past is something we can't miss in modern financial trading.